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With our easy steps outlined below, you can complete your Pool Fence. All materials and parts are available on our online store.

Before we start, please see our guide on Installing Pool Fence Panels on the button below.

 Fence panel
 Fence panel
Inground Post
 Feet Post
 Post bracket
Post cap
 Post Feet Cover (Plated/feet post only)

Post Bracket Sleeve Alu
 Pool Latch & Hinge
Tek screws
 Concrete Post Hole Mix
 Concrete Quick Concrete Mix
Dynabolt Zinc
 Timber Screw

Tek Screws
Measuring Tape/StringLine

Pool Panel Installation Guide

Step 1

  • Use string line along the perimeter of intended fence line

  • Mark out the spot where the posts are going to stay

  • Remember panels are usually 2400mm & posts are 50mm. 

  • Do not allow more than 5-10mm of play per panel

Step 2

  • Excavate width of hole according to size of posts

  • Correct depth is 600mm below ground

  • Gate post and height check Step 5


Step 3A

  • Place post in hole and pour cement mix into hole

  • One bag of concrete per hole

  • Ensure the post is upright and level 

  • Correct depth is 600mm below ground

  • Cover should be placed later on after the cement has set

Step 3B

  • Dynabolt or timberscrew the post into the decking/cement

  • Make sure that it is upright

  • Use packers underneath to level if needed

  • Place post cover over the holes now if applicable

Step 4

  • Lay all panels inbetween posts

  • Ensure no gaps exceed 10mm length of the panel

  • Cut any panels to size if required

  • 4 brackets per panel

Step 5

  • Mount brackets onto one side of the post

  • Slip panel into posts and mount and screw brackets on the other side

  • Ensure that the gap below does not exceed 80mm

Step 6

  • Ensure the gap for the gate is 100mm more than the gate itself

  • Mount the hinges and latches

  • Ensure the top of the latch is at 1.5m height for child safety


Step 7

  • To aquire warranty for your fence panel download the warranty form and send it back to us!

  • Sit back and enjoy your pool




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