Being one of the leading importers of steel, aluminium fence panels, raw materials and accessories, we understand that the construction industry is ever changing. Taking the initiative to elevate and accelerate ideas with the latest technology available on the market, by saving you time, money and expanding your creativity.

Our customers are at the foremost of our passion and never-ending drive to move forward together,
opening up the doors for greater opportunities with stability, control and improved efficiency.

STEEL | 65x65 | 2mm

ALU | 100x50 | 1.6mm

STEEL | 65x65 | 3mm

ALU | 80x40 | 1.6mm

STEEL | 50x25 | 1.6mm

STEEL | 25x25 | 1.2mm

ALU | 50x25 | 1.6mm

STEEL | 150x100 | 4mm

STEEL | 25x25 | 1.3mm

STEEL | 40x40 | 1.6mm

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Simplified Cutting Guide Diagram

This diagram shows you basic tube sizes, holes and measurements that can be cut, more on request.

Discover more designs below!

Automatic Loader & Laser Cutter

  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
What sizes tubes do you cut?
  • Square - 20-185mm
  • Rectangle - 10-185mm
  • Round - Up to 185mm
  • After final confirmation of specifications and design, we generally take less than 2 days to complete the job.
  • Our automatic loader caters for high volume jobs allowing minimal downtime between tubes, shaving off crucial time in the cutting process.
  • Yes! We welcome customer supplied tubular material.
  • We can also provide with our huge range of locally stored materials or help source what you need with our intensive database and reach of material suppliers. 
  • Acquiring different tube profiles in a range of materials at a low cost is effortless.
  • Yes, of course! Our dedicated design team will work with you on creating high quality specification drawings for your final approval, bringing your draft designs to a complete final product!
  • Check out our design process, click here
  • Yes! We have samples in our showroom, clickhere

Endless Possibilities

Laser cut tubes open up completely new avenues in design, free your design spirit and excite your customers with amazing design variants.

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Equipped with SolidWorks, Weldments and SigmaTube, our dedicated design team will bring your ideas to life, from a simple hand drawing to final product. Creating the best designs will reduce part handling, reduce labour costs and cut down production time. Saving you time and money.

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Completed Jobs



Come visit our showroom to see and feel real samples! Our design team is always creating new and exciting samples, pop through and see what's new!

Located at 58 Governor Macquarie Drive,
Chipping Norton NSW 2170

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Are you ready for the next step?

Click below for our Laser Cutting Form, email or call us to discuss further details and more information!

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The Latest Technology

Our FC High Precision Tubular Laser Cutting utilises the latest laser technology on the market. The auto-focus, full stainless steel cutting head functions dual path water cooling, focusing and collimating lens for the most precise cuts. Double Pneumatic Rotary Clamps are three times faster than electric chucks, with large and constant clamping force ensuring high cutting precision. Paired with an intelligent production line with automatic tube feeding, set up to handle high volume projects with efficiency, speed and accuracy.

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