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Fences come in set panel lengths and when you are working out the total length required, you will need to take into consideration the fence posts which connect and hold the panels in place.

In-ground Post

Requires digging/excavating holes.

Uses cement to hold fence post in place.

Best to have 600mm underneath surface.

In-ground Post Materials

Feet Post (base plated)

Can be used on concrete, tiles and timber.

Dyna-bolt or screw onto surface.

Posts used in conjunction with bottom sleeves to turn into feet posts.

Post covers can also be purchased to cover screw or dyna-bolts.

Fence panel cannot be more than 100mm off the ground.

Pool latches on gates have to be at a height of 1.5meters.

Feet Post (base plated) Materials

We stock all varieties of posts, our posts come without pre-punched holes allowing for easy customization and can be used as corners, gates or line posts. We also stock post cement and tek screws.

If you are unsure which posts and/or products to use, please contact us and we are happy to assist.

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